207E Medioevalis Envelopes Cream
206E Envelopes - Medioevalis Cream

206E Envelopes - Medioevalis Cream

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Envelope: 12 x 18 cm - Suits 206S, 206L and 206A


Medioevalis is a line of fine stationery that Rossi initiated many decades ago and have continually refined using the Amalfi paper-making process.

Medioevalis deckled stationery arrives on the scene with distinctive flair.

These luxury Medioevalis envelopes have a beautiful texture that showcases a distinctive Italian style and grace.

These 12x18cm (120gsm) envelopes are perfect for handwritten announcements, notes, letters, invitation and any kind of correspondence.

Sold in single envelope or full box (100 pieces). A luxury box is included for orders of 100 pieces.

10% discount for orders over 100 pieces.