Candle Icicle Aqua Blue Small

Candle Icicle Aqua Blue Small

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Granite Icicle Aqua Blue


Granite Icicle Aqua Blue

Fragrance is Ocean Sage

A cheerful and refreshing essential oil blend of lemongrass & bergamot with fragrances of plum and pomegranate.

Scent Family: Fruity / Citrus

The perfect gift idea for every occasion, available in a very wide color range.

This tall, statuesque, handmade candle, known as an ‘Icicle’, is truly unique in the way it magically develops a lace-like pattern, changing form with each hour it burns.

As the melted wax drips down the side of the candle, pools of wax are created at the base, while sculptural, stalagmite formations give the effect of Gaudi’s cathedral in Spain!

Small Size: 290mm (H) x 53mm x53mm (base) ....470gms.....70 Hours burning time

Mix of bees (20%) and plant (80%) wax

Hand made in New Zealand